"There is no more sincere love than that we have for food" - George Bernard Shaw

Our empanadas

(own workshop)

Squid foot10€

Cod pie with raisins10€

Scallop patty12€

Cornbread patty15€

Our classics

Galician soup6€

Peppers pattern10€

Galician lacon14€

Roast ham16€

Octopus with cachelos20€

Squid Roman style18€

Galician cheese14€

Galician cheese with quince15€

Galician octopus19€

JIberian Ham25€

Homemade Iberian ham or cod croquettes15€

Galician or Madrid style tripe18€

Squid in its ink with white rice18€

Seared squid with green pistachio vinaigrette18€

Traditional style bean stew20€

Piquillo peppers stuffed with hake and prawns22€

Tuna tartare with fried egg25€


Galician style mussels16€

Grilled scallops20€

Grilled razor clams with garlic and parsley17€

Clams to the frying pan or to the marinera18€

Crabs (1 u.)
(1 u.)16€
Spider crab (kg)65€

Crab (kg)45€

Barnacle cooked with salt and bay leaf (100g) (100g)18€

Grilled red prawns (100g)18€

Grilled red prawns (100g)16€

Norway lobster (100g)18€

Grilled white prawn (100g)16€

Grilled Red Shrimp (100g)18€

Prawns (100g)16€

Galician Lobster (100g) (100g)12€

Cooked lobster or Grilled (100g) (100g)15€

Seafood rice (2pax)60€


Steamed burela hake on shrimp and citrus28€

Hake (Galician, Roman or grilled)24€

Hake a la Marinera with clams and prawns28€

Seared tuna on tuber puree28€

Crispy hake tacos over minced guacamole25€

Galician cod on cauliflower puree and pak-Choi25€

Seared Norwegian Salmon with Steamed Potato and Lettuce Mix24€

Seared monkfish with black rice28€

Estero sea bass on the back with potato and assorted lettuce (2 pax)55€

Grilled turbot (2 pax)65€


Galician PGI beef cutlet28€

Galician PGI beef entrecote25€

Lacón with turnip greens and chorizo from Galicia23€

Galician cachopo of Iberian ham with tetilla cheese and arzúa-ulloa25€

Galician-style roasted ham with
french fries18€

Bandeira old cow's tail with chestnuts
and mushroom cream25€

Boneless shoulder of
Lamb on tuber puree28€


Octopus Splash with Prawns25€

Hake stew with prawns and mussels28€


(own workshop)

Pancakes filled with pastry cream 8€

Santiago's cake7€

Yogurth creamy confection
of mirabelless7€

Curd with honey and walnuts7€

Free-range egg flan with caramel6€

Semi-cold cheesecake with raspberry jam
de frambuesas6€

Galician cheese with quince8€

Lemon sorbet with cava or vodka6€

Creamy dark chocolate with truffle7€

Mascarpone cheese cream with mango and strawberries8€

Baked cheesecake with
raspberry jam8€

Flan de requeixo with raspberry jam8€

Homemade French toast with vanilla ice cream9€

o you know the menu of our Galician restaurant ? At O’Caldiño we want to be your little corner of Galicia in the heart of Madrid.

All our dishes are made with quality products brought daily from Galicia , so we are a benchmark of Galician gastronomy in Madrid.

The menu of our Galician restaurant is transformed since our dishes are made with seasonal products that are in their maximum splendor. 

We take maximum care of all the details and make the quality product the protagonist , without artifice that kills its flavor and disguises the true Galician essence.

While being faithful to tradition, we want to offer you different dishes. Therefore, we give each dish an original touch that makes them ours and that will conquer you.

We offer you a varied menu that will suit your tastes . Some of its star dishes are:
perfect to share and to start a good meal in the purest Galician style. In our menu you can find squid empanadas, cod with raisins, scallop and corn bread . They all have a special flavor, so it will be difficult to choose one.

Octopus with cachelos

 One of the stars of the house. If you are looking for the best octopus in Madrid , you have to come and try it. Made in the purest Galician style, our octopus with cachelos never disappoints due to its unmistakable flavor.

Fresh seafood from the Galician markets

If the menu of our Galician restaurant stands out for something, it is for its seafood. Brought from the Galician longas, we have quality fresh products that will mark that special evening you are looking for. We have scallops, oysters, mussels, crayfish, Galician prawns, barnacles, clams, razor clams, crabs, spider crab, crabs, lobster, cockles  among other delicacies from the Galician seas. We recommend our seafood rice for two , an exquisite dish that will make you fall in love.


Our fish dishes are also great protagonists of the menu of our Galician restaurant. Enjoy the authentic taste of the sea with our quality products. We recommend our Galician hake , a traditional Galician dish that will make you immerse yourself in the authentic Galicia.

Galician meats

If you are more about meat than fish, in O’Caldiño you will also find your place. We have delicious meat dishes in which the Galician beef is the protagonist .

Homemade Galician desserts

All good food has a finishing touch.  The desserts on our menu are a fusion between tradition and modernity. A treat for the palate. We have a delicious Santiago cake and pancakes that take your mind off it . If you have a sweet tooth in O’Caldiño you will find your place.